Weekly update: 22 races, nearly $37,000!

It’s the Fourth of July weekend. Happy Independence Day to everyone here in the USA! And this weekend also marks the half way mark of our charity fundraiser and awareness-raiser for the GBS/CIDP Foundation.

I’ve run only 22 races, which puts me 4 races behind the pace. Time to get moving! But the fundraising is going well — $35,869 raised out of our goal of $52,000. While that sounds impressive, it’s getting harder and harder to keep the fundraising moving — so please pass on the word to your friends, and encourage them to contribute too!

Weekly stats: 69% complete on the fundraising goal, and 42% complete on the running goal.

What’s happened this week?

Please thank my good friends at Riviera Partners, particularly Ali Benham, for their generous donation to the fundraiser. If you’re looking for a tech recruiting firm, especially for engineering roles, then these guys are great — and fantastic corporate citizens too.

Please also thank Valerie Nygaard for coming back and donating a second time! Wow.

We ran one race this week, the Morgan Hill Freedom Fest 5k.

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