Race #51: ZombieRunner Quarry Lakes 10k

There are three weekends left in the year, and only two races to run to complete our 52-race challenge this year! And so it is time to get race #51 in the history books…

Hamming it up before the race
Hamming it up before the race

We decided that #51 would be the ZombieRunner Quarry Lakes 10k in Fremont, CA. This is the fourth or fifth time this year we’ve run a race organized by the Coastal Trail Runs folks, which made it an easy choice — they run nice, mid-sized races that are well-organized, have a great vibe, and also nice medals and shirts!

It’s also the third time we’ve run at Quarry Lakes this year, including recently for Race #49 and also for Race #21.  When you run 52 races in a year, there’s bound to be a few visits to the same locations (I’m also looking at you Hellyer Park and Vasona Lake).

Hamming it up some more...
Hamming it up some more…

Anyway, this was a fine 10k race. We didn’t run it too hard, and finished in 48 minutes and change. It was *cold* for California — probably just a few degrees above freezing at the start, and with a relatively stiff breeze off the lakes chilling everyone. The race itself was half on dirt trails (which I prefer) and half on asphault / pavement (which I don’t). But all of the race was pretty flat and friendly, and the scenery nice under any conditions.

Really hamming it up now...
Really hamming it up now…

So, that’s 51 races done, and 51 race reports written. Just one more race, and one more race report for the year! If anyone is actually reading this, I appreciate you being along for the journey! Onward to the 52nd and final race!



Weekly update: $45,704 and 50 races!

We’ve now raised nearly $46,000 for the GBS/CIDP Foundation. That’s pretty amazing, and I owe a ton of thanks to all of you who’ve contributed. There’s still 18 days to go, and I’m still just over $6,000 short — but I’ve got a good feeling we’ll make it!

Weekly stats: 88% of the way to our fundraising goal, and 96% of the way to our running goal!

Selfie with a few hundred Santas
Selfie with a few hundred Santas

What’s been happening?

There’s been a flood of donations from amazing people in the past couple of weeks! Please join me in thanking Lisa Wong, who donated a huge $250. Thanks Lisa! Please also thank Jock Cheese (I knew it was you, James McGinty), Naren Chittar, Rodney O’Donnell and Vipul Dalal for donating $100 each. A bunch of good men! And thank Dennis Fetterly for his kind donation of $50. Add to that generous anonymous donations of $250, $150, $100, and $50! Thank you to all of you — I know who you are, and I appreciate it a ton!

Lots of running too. Perhaps the most amusing race this year was a race around Sydney past the Opera House and under the Harbour Bridge, dressed as Santa Claus. It was hot, humid, and the cheap polyester santa suit wasn’t pleasant going. But, 2,000 Santas for a good cause was pretty amusing. Anyway, 50 races are done, and there’s now just 2 to go!

Race #50: Santa Run 5k

This year I’ve raced in Buenos Aires, Colorado, Washington State, Arizona, and forty-five times in California. To add a new location to the list, I raced this past weekend in Sydney, Australia! That’s the 50th race this year, and now there’s only 2 more to go — and about 3 weeks to get them done! Barring injury (touch wood), we’re looking really good…

Anyway, yes, I was in Sydney last week. And so I dragged my brother, his wife, and their eldest son down to the SantaRun 5k. It was billed as a massive race, and 2,000 people showed up. The novelty was they were all dressed as Santa — in the cheapest Santa suits ever made. Trust me, they were cheap — and polyester, and they made me sweat like I hadn’t in a long time. Mix Sydney’s warm summer weather with humidity and a santa suit, and you’ve got a recipe for smelly, hot running.

It was even hotter in the snow globe...
It was even hotter in the snow globe…
Found Santas ready to race
Found Santas ready to race
Selfie with a few hundred Santas
Selfie with a few hundred Santas

We chugged along past the opera house, under the harbour bridge, and around the Rocks area. No land speed records were set, but we had a fun time as the photos show! Two races to go!

Race #49: Quarry Turkey 10k

We ran on Thanksgiving, and decided to back it up two days later on Saturday at the Brazen Racing Quarry Turkey 10k.  That’s 49 races this year, and just 3 more to go — and all in support of the GBS/CIDP Foundation. If you’re still not on board as a fundraising supporter, just head over here and make a donation.

A little cold at the start of the Quarry Turkey 10k
A little cold at the start of the Quarry Turkey 10k

We took it a little slower in this race. It was freezing at the start, enough for me to pull on the running gloves. We sat on a pretty gentle pace until the last mile, and then picked it up and brought it home — some guy was racing me, and I decided he needed to be thrashed at the finish line.

The race itself was at Quarry Lakes, a nice little park with a few lakes in Fremont, CA. We’ve run here once already this year in Race #21: The Zoom Quarry Lakes 5k. This time around there was probably five times as many people, and the parking lot was full. Brazen Racing is turning into quite a crowd puller indeed.

Anyway, we’re both feeling great about being well-and-truly on track with the racing. It’s been a tough few weeks to get back on schedule, but 52 races is now within sight!

Race #48: Zoom Turkey Trot 10k

There’s a monster 20,000+ Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving in downtown San Jose. We ran it last year and, frankly, once per lifetime is plenty. This year we ran the smaller Zoom Turkey Trot 10k and that’s more our cup of tea. Either way, It’s a good idea to go into calorie deficit on Thanksgiving!

Zoom Turkey Trot 2015
Zoom Turkey Trot 2015

We didn’t talk too much about pacing before we started, and I decided to pick it up a little out of the gate. The 4th and 5th miles were a little tough as a result — but we still did a pretty nice time of just over 46 minutes. All up, a nice way to spend the morning!

That’s race 48 done, and now there’s just 4 to go to reach our goal of 52 races this year!