Weekly update: $37,419 and 24 races!

Well, that’s two dozen races in the books. Getting very close to half way! And that’s a $200 bump up from last week! Every little bit of progress counts.

Weekly stats: 72% of the way to our fundraising goal, and 46% of the way to our running goal

Relaxing in the bleachers before the race

What’s happened this week?

An excellent question, as always! Well, my good friend and colleague Vijay Raman donated $200 to the cause. Thanks Vijay! These eBay folks are pretty special — it’s great to have so many current and former employees generously support the cause.

I also had the great privilege of meeting Lisa Butler from the GBS/CIDP Foundation in person for lunch in Los Angeles. It was great to hear in person how much the Foundation cares  about this fundraiser and each of your contributions. Thank you to each of you again. And thank you Lisa for meeting us!

On the racing front, there’s one more race in the books. The pretty lame Firefly 5k was run and done. Read my jaded-sounding race report here.

Next week, I plan to be back running with Brazen Racing. Expect a more glowing report then!

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