Race #19: Bubble Run 5k

Kids love novelty races — run though foam, run through bubbles, run while you get sprayed with paint, run in neon under black lights at night. There’s no timing, you invite your friends along, you kind of walk and run a bit, and you start when you feel like it. You get the general idea.

(Family fun at the Bubble Run 5k in San Jose. Click the HD icon in the top right for a better viewing experience.)

We took the girls to the Bubble Run 5k in San Jose for Race #19. Watch the video above to get a feeling for what it’s like — press on the HD icon in the top-right corner for a better viewing experience.


Around 10,000 people were in yesterday’s run. We started at 9am in the second “wave” (they let groups of people go so everyone can enjoy the bubbles). When we left at around 10am, there were still several thousand people lined up and yet to start. You have to love how mellow these races are. If you’re looking to do something fun with the family, and you’re new to running this might be the thing for you.


Bubbled after the Bubble Run with the Kochars
Bubbled after the Bubble Run with the Kochars

As for us, we caught up with the Kochar family for the race (who are supporters of our fundraiser!). It’s twice the family fun when the kids get to run with their friends. All good, fun day, and one more race down towards our goal of 52!

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