Weekly update: getting close to $28,000

In the past 12 days, we’ve raised another $1,600 to bring our total raised to $27,869 for the GBS/CIDP Foundation. Cool, huh!

So, that’s 54% of the way to our goal, and still 33% of the way to our goal of running 52 races in 2015. I better get moving!

What’s happened this past 12 days?
Well, it’s been pretty amazing.
Christopher Payne, my good friend and former colleague at Microsoft and eBay, contributed an extremely generous $1,000. Thank you very much, Christopher.
Ken and Becca Moss, two great people I’ve also known for over 10 years and also through Microsoft and eBay, donated a huge $250. Thank you very much to both of you!
And that’s not all! Konstantin Goldin donated $100.  Garry Wiseman donated $100. Satish Katiyar donated $100. Priyanka Jain donated $100. John Muller donated $25, and Luke Hughes donated $10. Thank you to all of you, you’re very generous!
Thank you also again to everyone who’s been involved since February! It’s great to have the fundraising moving again. Indeed, it’s amazing what happens when someone donates — it seems like the word gets out, and others who’ve been meaning to contribute jump onboard too. In any case, please know that any donation, no matter how large or small, has a multiplier effect — and helps us get closer to our goal of $52,000.
Oh, and I’m back in the USA. The family and I had a great month in South and Central America (and we’re all in the picture above, which I think is from 2013). No races were run, so I’m a little behind. It’s time to get moving — and I am already scheming two races next weekend. Let’s see if I can run 6 to 8 races in June!

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