Weekly update: so, so close to $26,000!

Oh, we’re so so so close to $26,000! We’re at $25,784, including $24,209 and $1,575 from direct and matching donations to the GBS/CIDP Foundation.There’s a huge opportunity there for someone to take us to half way and get their name in lights!

Weekly stats: 49.6% of the way to the $52k goal, and still 33% of the way to the running goal of 52 races.

What happened this week?

Always a great question! Well, my good friend and colleague from Redbubble, Barry Newstead, donated a generous $200 to the campaign. He deserves a ton of thanks for helping out patients with GBS and related conditions! Onya Barry!

I ran absolutely no races on the weekend! Instead, I flew from San Francisco to Buenos Aires, and settled in with the family for three weeks in a Spanish immersion school. It’s already been an amazing experience, and you can follow along with our daily blog posts over at http://thewilliamsadventure.com. I’m looking for a race for this weekend, and I’m optimistic you’ll be seeing some race times from South America soon!

The picture above is Selina and I taking a run around Buenos Aires today. What a fun city, and what a great day for a park run!

Hasta luego!

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