Weekly update: Fifteen races run!

We’ve now raised $25,134 for the GBS/CIDP Foundation. That’s only $25 this week, but it’s a very cool story. Read on.

Weekly stats: 48% of the way to the $52k goal, and 29% of the way to the running goal.

What’s happened this week?

Getting the story out there about GBS and raising funds is truly energizing. I feel blessed to have recovered and to be able to turn a negative experience into a positive one — and all this is running is doing me only good! This has been one of those weeks where I’ve had a chance to talk to people close to me about why I’m doing this, and the positive feedback they’ve given me makes me feel great. Onward and upward!

This week we had a donation of $25. Norman Herms of Philly mailed a check into the GBS-CIDP Foundation International with the following message: “Please give this check to Hugh Williams. I do not have a computer. I had GBS in 1988 at 55 years old. After 65 hospital days and ten days of therapy I recovered 100%”. What a great man he is for donating through the good old snail mail! Thanks Norman (if you know him, pass on my thanks!).

We ran one race this week, the Brazen Racing Mt Diablo Trails Challenge 5k. My race report is here. All up, a very amazing place to run, and trail racing remains my favorite kind of running.

Next week, we’re planning two races. Can’t wait!


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