Weekly update: We’ve raised $22,149!

We’ve now raised $22,149 for the GBS/CIDP Foundation since we began fundraising on February 11. That’s amazing, and I owe you thanks again for your support.

Weekly stats: 43% of the way to the $52k goal, and 21% of the way to the running goal.

Help! Help! Help!

Fundraising has slowed to a crawl. We raised only $50 this week! You can help by sharing the fundraiser with your friends on social media, and encouraging that friend or family member who’s mentioned they’re planning to contribute. I’ll be doubling down on my efforts too!

What’s happened in the past week?

This week, we had a generous donation from Timo Volkmer ($50). Thanks Timo!

As you can see in the picture above, we went running as a family last weekend. We ran the Zimbabwe Run, a one mile fundraiser for orphans in Zimbabwe. My youngest daughter has run the race twice, and this year my eldest daughter Lucy and my wife Selina joined in the fun. Watch Lucy’s race, and read about the race here: https://fiftytwofives.com/2015/03/24/race-11-zimbabwe-run/

I’m looking forward to running two races this weekend! See you next week.

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