One month, $16,624 raised!

Thank you to those who’ve donated to the FiftyTwoFives fundraiser: you have joined a network of special people! For those who haven’t, I need your help: head on over here and contribute:

We have raised $16,624 in one month ($15,074 through IndieGoGo, $500 in direct donations to the Foundation, and the remainder in matching corporate donations). We are 32% of the way to $52,000, and I’m 17% of the way to 52 races in a year.

How else can I help? (I’m glad you asked!)

If you’re looking to help that little bit extra, please do two things: “like” our page on Facebook at, and “plug” our campaign as a status update to your friends on Facebook (cut and paste this URL:

What’s happened in the past week?

This week, we had our first major corporate donation to the fundraiser. A huge milestone! Thank you, Medallia for the $5,000 contribution! (Plug for them below, keep reading.)

This week, we also had generous donations from Justin Pascoe ($250), Hassan Sawaf ($100), Adrian Colyer ($1,000), Oana Constantin ($50), Aaron Safronoff ($100), Raj Arasu ($250), Ron Gura ($50), Shane Smailes ($250), John Pluhowski ($100), Han-Shen Yuan ($100), Aamer Hydrie ($100), Naren Chittar ($25), and Teresa Langshaw ($100).

They join (in reverse order of donation) Colleen Hawes, Aurora Gillett, Kara Dunford, Stephanie Kochar, Stefan Mee, Debankur Naskar, Guy Schory, Ranjan Sinha, Shalini Agrawal, Dayna Saunders Fullmer, Sanjay Ghatare, Nish Parikh, Gretchen DiNapoli, Janine Shaw, Melanie Plumb, Jim and Penny Walsh, Felicity Broadbent (Woolacott), Shanthi Acharya, Scott Prevost, Ramana Thumu, Jamil Valliani, Farah Ali, Valerie Nygaard, Jenni Johnson, Melissa Berger, Kiran Nagarur, Matt Madrigal, Gene Cook, Wilson Pang, Srini Gottipati, Bhupendra Jain, Venkat Sundaranatha, Brian Johnson, Eliot Gillum, Lilian Chee, Karen Weaver, Oliver Hurst-Hiller, Angela Lau, Mike Mathieson, Antoine El-Daher, VitalFit LLC, Praveen Jayaraman, Katy Chu, Rosie Williams, Jay Weiler, Prathibha Alam, Luis Guitan, Ross and Laura Comer, Dane and Jill Glasgow, and Nate Lyman.

Quite a network of special people! I will thank contributors here every week, starting now.

Who is Medallia?

They are the best company that many of you haven’t heard of, and taking the customer service world by storm. They enable companies to capture customer feedback, understand it in real-time, and take action to improve the customer experience. Their customers include everyone you know and love. If you’d like to learn more about them, ping me — I have excellent connections to the team, and they have open roles for software engineers, PMs, and data scientists.

See you next time!


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