We’ve raised $7,499!

We’ve actually raised $1,300 more than the total that’s shown on our IndieGoGo Fundraising page. How?

Two amazing people, Jim and Penny Walsh, donated $500 directly to the GBS/CIDP Foundation on my behalf. THANK YOU! They then put in for a matching donation from Salesforce, contributing another $500 to the fundraiser. Thank you, Salesforce!

eBay has an amazing donation matching program too! Angela Lau, Janine Shaw, and Bhupendra Jain put in for the matching donations, contributing another $300 in addition to their already generous contributions. Thank you to them, and thank you, eBay!

So, as of today, we’ve raised $7,499 for the GBS/CIDP Foundation!

Thank you to all 54 of you who’ve donated! To everyone else, please donate — even a dollar makes a difference!

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